christmas green tea
A green leaf blended with sugar icy crystals, pink pepper, chocolate chips and clove buds. Scented with ALMOND, MARZIPAN and rum flavouring
A later harvest with a slightly toasted flavour
A later harvest enhanced by covering the leaves with blankets as they grow in order to slow the growth and, therefore, pull up more nutrients from the soil. Produces a rich dark green liquor and full vegetal, slightly toasty flavour
China Green Tea
A green gently rolled leaf. This tea produces a liquor that is slightly full, pungent and slightly toasty
Bright and fresh tasting
From the Anhui province in Eastern China deriving its name from its appearance being similar to Gunpowder. A greenish dry golden liquor with a light smoke and nutty character
Scented with Japanese Cherry
Green Tea that is manufactured in the spring and scented with Japanese Cherry to give a light Cherry liquor with all the goodness of Green Tea
Finest Chinese Green Leaves infused with the scent of Jasmine
Manufactured from the finest green leaves that have been lightly steamed and then gently infused with the scent of Jasmine. A rich lemony liquor with a light Jasmine scent. An excellent aid to after dinner digestion
Gunpowder Green Tea
North African countries have used mint in their cooking and drinks for many years. When Europeans first brought tea to the regions they naturally blended it with mint. The tea would have been green and manufactured as Gunpowder green. This tea is an exact replica of the teas still drunk in Morocco. Authentically drink from a glass tea cup and add a few mint leaves.
China Green Sencha Leaf  Tea
Green leaf from the Anhui Province of Eastern China. The liquor is emerald green in the cup and possesses a light mellow liquor