About Us

Jimmy Bean Gourmet coffees and loose leaf teas is an independant family run business since 2002. We use only the finest quality pure Arabica coffee beans and fine blends in our coffees which we can either leave as whole beans or we can grind them to suit what type of coffee machine your have.  All our coffee beans are roasted in small batches which preserves the freshness and quality of the beans

Our flavoured coffees are flavoured using natures identical elements and have no sugars or artificial sweeteners added making them suitable for diabetics. The beans are soaked in the flavours to ensure the flavour goes right into the bean giving you the best taste. All flavoured coffees are of a medium strength.  BECAUSE OF THE NATURE OF OUR PREPARATION WORK OUR PRODUCTS MAY CONTAIN NUTS

Our decaffeinated range have been decaffeinated using the Swiss CO2 Decaffeination Process. This is a decaffeination process that's 100% natural and certified organic, chemical free.